Trump’s Record in Alaska is Stellar

Trump’s Record in Alaska is Stellar

August 25, 2020

As we talk with energy workers across the US on a daily basis, we hear stories of men and women who love their jobs, are proud of the work they are doing and look forward to earning a day’s wage for a day’s labor. 

We also hear how many are afraid; scared for their jobs and others around them, due to factors including COVID-19, supply and demand imbalances and political shenanigans at local, state and federal levels.

At least in Alaska, though, one thing has been clear as we have our conversations: No one is dissatisfied with how President Trump has acted with regard to energy policy and his effect on the Great Land.

  • ANWR is set for opening to responsible development, thanks to the work of Alaska’s congressional delegation and the Trump Administration.  This will bring tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of jobs to Americans and help with American energy independence for decades.
  • Reversing course on an illegal Obama-era preemptive veto of the NEPA process, the record of decision for the Pebble Mine will soon be issued.  This will allow the nation’s largest copper prospect to begin the state permitting course.  A thousand jobs and twenty years of high-grade copper, gold and molybdenum extraction will commence within a decade.
  • The Willow project in the NPR-A just received its final federal approvals.  This is a massive opportunity for jobs and increased throughput through the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS).  ConocoPhillips Alaska has invested heavily in that region of the state, and now can move forward with developing this large field.
  • The timber industry – long a source for jobs in Southeast Alaska – has suffered from Clinton and Obama-era EPA decisions.  The Trump Administration has started the process of allowing limited logging in the Tongass National Forest. This will put hundreds of Alaskans to work once it works its way through the legal process, as eco-extremist organizations who believe in a “wildlife-over-human-life” mantra have sued to stop that development.

As the Republican National Convention takes center stage this week, it is important to remember the jobs, revenues and opportunities becoming available, thanks to a President who has worked to open up responsible development projects, knockdown unnecessary regulatory hurdles and make Alaska’s energy future brighter than it was prior to January 2017.