Torres Small Forced to Condemn AOC Comments, Still Silent on Biden

Torres Small Forced to Condemn AOC Comments, Still Silent on Biden

April 23, 2020

Congresswoman Xochitl Torres Small was forced to recognize economic reality earlier this week.

On Tuesday, Socialist Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez sent out a tweet celebrating crashing oil prices and completely tone-deaf to the economic devastation being caused across the country, including New Mexico. AOC eventually deleted the ignorant remarks, but the action still offered insight into her radical agenda.

During the ensuing media storm, New Mexico Congresswoman was forced to issue a statement condemning AOC’s remarks. Telling the Washington Free Beacon:

“A champion for the working class should be a champion for all workers,” Torres Small said in a statement Tuesday. “In New Mexico, the working class is, in part, made up of tens of thousands of oil and gas workers who have worked hard every day to power our state and now stand to lose their livelihoods. No person should take joy in their suffering.”

It’s noted that Torres Small took issue with how AOC reacted to the news, not the fact workers are actually losing their jobs. In contrast, potential GOP challenger Claire Chase had this to say:

“I’m glad we were finally able to shame Xochitl Torres Small into offering an ounce of criticism for her radical party,” Chase told the Washington Free Beacon. “Unfortunately, this muted criticism will be meaningless when Xochitl eventually endorses Joe Biden, who has vowed to ban oil drilling and bankrupt our state.”

Torres Small has a history of strong words but little action when it comes to supporting New Mexico’s energy workers. The New Mexico Congresswoman cheered as her husband sponsored the Energy Transition Act which imposes arbitrary renewable standards and will kill energy jobs. And we’ve also pointed out how Joe Biden’s energy plan will do the same which is why Torres Small is walking the endorsement tightrope.