The New Congressional Task Force Is Full of Stupid

The New Congressional Task Force Is Full of Stupid

May 1, 2020

It’s preferred the autopsy happen not on a living patient.   

But not when it comes to Congress who, in its glory and narcissism, loves hearings and process and procedure.  Most Americans don’t understand this affinity… maybe once sworn in as a Federal Legislator one develops a deep affection for haughty posturing and bluster.  Americans prefer to just get stuff done or at least get government out of our way of getting stuff done.    

But not Congress.  So as the nation continues to spiral into financial ruin and economic depression, Congress has already started forming a task force to oversee the government’s response because hindsight is not only 20/20 but also politically expedient.  Many a San Francisco 49ers fan, if asked to join a task force critiquing Super Bowl LIV, would find room for improvement.  Football geniuses that does not make them.  “If only Garoppolo had not overthrown Sanders on 3rd down” their report would say.  Wow.  Such insight.  

That time of stupidity is what awaits us with Congress and their task force.  On Twitter a task force member raised his eyebrow at the aid energy companies are getting.  Bharat Ramamurti, a former aide to Sen. Elizabeth Warren (who has already changed his Twitter handle bio to include task force membership as if that’s some accomplishment) told Politico “A lot of the changes … seem to move this from temporary liquidity for companies hurt by Covid to a bailout of companies that were already in bad shape pre-Covid.”  

But who was in bad shape pre-Covid?  Energy was hitting records.  Energy jobs were among the fastest-growing in the nation.  But what happens when Government takes away your costumers is that your business itself begins to suffer.  Is Ramamurti surprised energy companies are using government aid to refinance loans?  Or restructure debt?  To pay off lenders?  

What does oil at $15 a barrel mean?  

Then again, he was an aid for Elizabeth Warren and she demonstrated fairly plainly to the nation both her disdain for the energy industry and her lack of economic understanding.  We noticed Sen. Warren had nothing to say about her former employer Harvard University who refused to tap its $40 billion endowment, took more than $8 million in federal money, and then still fired its cafeteria staff.  Maybe that will make it in the task force… It may come as shock to her and to Mr. Ramamurti that energy companies, unlike liberal universities, don’t have billion-dollar endowments.  The liquidity they get from CARES is trying to sustain life now and keep the industry alive for tomorrow.  

Remember when Sen. Warren hid behind her staffer as she was photographed getting off a private jet because she realized she’s a hypocrite and fraud?   Perhaps Mr. Ramamurti can hide behind her next time he makes a public comment that demonstrates zero understanding of this industry.  Enjoy your time on the task force.  We are sure your ex post facto observations about decisions you’ve never had to make and the weight of consequences you’ve never had to face and the burden of responsibility you’ve never experienced will be so very helpful to get the energy industry and America back on its feet.  

-D Turner 

Founder and Executive Director