“The National Democratic Party Will Put a Bullseye on These [Projects]”

“The National Democratic Party Will Put a Bullseye on These [Projects]”

October 2, 2020

Power The Future Energy Hour Recap: US Senator Dan Sullivan and Congressman Don Young Talk Mining

On last night’s Power The Future Energy Hour, Alaska State Director Rick Whitbeck concluded his four-part discussions with Alaska’s Congressman Don Young and US Senator Dan Sullivan.  This week they discussed mining, which has a rich history in Alaska, from the first gold rush near Nome in 1899 to today.  Mining opportunities sprouted many of Alaska’s cities; Nome, Juneau, Fairbanks and Anchorage all were built on the rush to mine materials near their locations.  Mining provides thousands of jobs across this state, and both members of Congress took time to acknowledge its importance in Alaska’s economic future.

Congressman Young opened his segment with a statement of opportunity to change our country’s mineral dependence with what’s known and available to responsibly develop in our great state:

I want to believe that the secret to the state of Alaska and this nation is to develop our resources of all forms. Mining is the key, quite frankly, to Alaska…with rare earths, which we’re buying from China, who controls it, and it’s in every one of our modern technologies.  Cell phones, driverless cars, you name it, military, you need rare earths and we’re buying it…we ought to be independent as we are with energy with rare earths and materials we use with this modern technology…we look at this deal and the need is huge, and the possibility of employment, good solid-paying jobs…is awesome…we have that all here.

We’re importing about 31 known minerals we need for our society…just think about that.  When you’re importing, your shipping your money abroad.  Not only have you lost the jobs, but shipping cash out to just bring it back in.  Why do that, when we have it available to us here in Alaska? 

Now some people object; they don’t want you to drill, don’t want you to do anything. In doing so, they’re not only depriving the individual…of jobs, but they’re depriving this nation of what’s needed, of what God has given us, for the benefit of mankind.

Young went on to speak about projects, including Pebble Mine, and what he’s doing in Congress to help secure a bright mineral future for Alaska.

Senator Sullivan wrapped up our time together speaking about the recent energy decisions and project milestones, and how they will help keep Alaskans employed.  He once again cautioned Alaskans to be aware of adversaries to this future, noting:

I will say this, as we talked about with the NPR-A and ANWR…the national Democratic party will put a bullseye on every one of these [projects].  We know it.  We’ve seen it…It will be a battle if the November elections go the direction of the anti-Alaskan Democrats.

Sullivan concluded his segment discussing some of the current mining opportunities, and noting that Alaska’s mining future could go one of two ways, depending on the elections.

We couldn’t agree more. Elections will have consequences if they turn out a certain way in five weeks.  Still, we’re glad people like Senator Sullivan and Congressman Young are on the front lines fighting for reasonable development that will be pivotal to Alaska’s future.

If you missed it live you can still catch all four of their appearances, including this week’s episode Power the Future’s Soundcloud.

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