The “Green” Movement is a Scheme, with Alaska’s Ambler Mining District as Exhibit One

The “Green” Movement is a Scheme, with Alaska’s Ambler Mining District as Exhibit One

March 10, 2022

You’ve heard a number of well-rehearsed lies repeated over and over by the Biden Administration these past few months:

  • “Our team is doing everything we can to keep gas prices low.” 
  • “Russia is to blame for the situation the world is in now.”
  • “Oil and gas companies are greedy, with 9,000 leases in-hand that they refuse to move forward with.”

and the biggest falsehood of them all,

  • “The U.S. needs to accelerate our push toward green energy, and securing domestic supplies of critical and strategic minerals is an absolute must in those plans.”

Forgetting the absurdity of the first three lies – especially since Power The Future has written about each of them over the last 30 days – we’ll focus on the fourth today.

The eco-left and ‘save the planet’ ideologues who fund them have zero interest in securing domestic supplies of critical minerals.  If they were serious, the first set of projects they should be championing – instead of fighting – would be those in the Ambler Mining District in northwest Alaska.

Aside from providing the state with thousands more full-time jobs throughout the District, the prospects have world-class quantities of copper, cobalt, lead and zinc, along with other strategic minerals necessary to one day ‘go green’.

The 211-mile road to access the District had a clean final environmental impact statement and record of decision, but was being fought legally by radical environmental organizations and fringe elements in the region.  Last month, the Department of Interior shockingly ignored the science and sided with the plaintiffs, effectively shutting down the venture and inventing ‘deficiencies’ in the process, giving them excuses to revisit and further stall the project.

If the Biden Administration and the eco-Left were serious about advancing domestic supply chains, they would immediately flip their script and champion the project.

They aren’t – and most likely won’t – trust the science; instead, listening to the craziness of the fringe.  In doing so, they empower China, Russia, the Taliban and global warlords, instead of delivering jobs and supply solutions at home.

Going green?  Saving the planet?  An existential threat?  National security?  It seems as though none of those matter to those pushing the “green scheme”.