The Fall Of The Great Tom Steyer

The Fall Of The Great Tom Steyer

September 2, 2019

Billionaire Tom Steyer had high hopes for his ability to exercise his influence on politics when he launched his front group, NextGen America, in 2013.

But despite hundreds of millions of dollars, the hypocrisy-ridden billionaire has failed at nearly every one of his goals.

First, he tried to buy elections and referendums by installing allied candidates into office and funding ballot initiatives that would spread his eco-worldview.

In 2016 and 2018, Steyer tried to force extreme carbon taxes on the people of Washington. One of the initiatives would have raised energy costs on households by increasing net energy costs to $990, damaged the economy by $5.3 billion, reduced the income of Washington state workers by $3.2 billion, and hiked gasoline prices by 59 cents. Fortunately, both failed with voters.

Steyer funneled cash to candidates like Democrat David Garcia, who ran for governor of Arizona in 2018, even holding a fundraiser for Garcia at his San Francisco mansion. Garcia lost to GOP Governor Doug Ducey by a whopping 15 points.

In 2018, Steyer also poured tens of millions of dollars into efforts to force a clean energy mandate on Arizona via referendum. That initiative, which would have raised energy prices on working families, also failed.

Steyer’s latest failure? After spending $100 million to buy his way onto the national debate stage, he’s come up short. Steyer failed to get the requisite percentage in national polls to make the stage. This, after spending over $43,000 a day in Facebook ads alone. Per day.

This is the fall of Tom Steyer and his environmentalist agenda. His money couldn’t buy him the love of the voters or his extreme policy agenda.