The Biden White House: No Accountability—Only Blame

The Biden White House: No Accountability—Only Blame

April 15, 2022

President Biden continues to blame all problems on the oil and gas companies. At the beginning of the Biden/Harris Administration, officials could not wait to put a stop to drilling on American soil, now they claim oil companies are purposefully not drilling enough.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

Instead of “doing their part,” the president claims, too many U.S. fossil-fuel companies are “choosing to make extraordinary profits and without making additional investment with supply.” Attributing high oil and gas prices to these companies’ greed and market power, the White House proposed new investigations into oil companies’ “anti-consumer behavior” last fall.

The current administration will do anything and everything to blame fossil-fuel companies but will not admit their own mistakes when it comes to energy policy.

“Even as Mr. Biden searches for ways to expand the global energy supply, he refuses to give up many of his green goals. In the past few weeks, the administration has been looking to get more oil from Canada but has insisted it won’t reconsider Mr. Biden’s decision to kill the Keystone XL pipeline.”

Americans rely on the energy produced by oil and gas companies. The government should be inspiring confidence in the market; instead, they continue to use anti-fossil fuel rhetoric and scare investors. American families will continue to the pay the price for the Biden Administration’s mishandling of what once was a booming energy sector in the United States.