Steyer Is Benefitting from the Energy Industry Yet Again

Steyer Is Benefitting from the Energy Industry Yet Again

August 14, 2018

Tom Steyer owes his entire fortune to the energy industry.  Granted, most of his investments were in FOREIGN energy companies (which kind of explains why he champions green policies which bankrupt the American energy industry), but regardless of national origin, he has bet on energy.  And hit the jackpot.

He has famously reversed course, and now as the high priest of the Church of Climate Change, meddles in state and local governments nationwide to dictate their energy futures.  He also travels across the nation on his failed “Impeach” Tour, wracking up a carbon footprint that even Hollywood would find offensive.  Still, it’s OK to use energy to blast energy, so long as you blast the used energy in a way that advances the agenda of blasting energy.  For every Town Hall lights, microphones, backdrops, signs, WIFI, power cables, media mult boxes, etc were all possible because of fossil fuels.  His whole campaign is realized because millions of Americans every day are in a coal mine or an oil field or out on a rig.

You’d think he’d give them a shoutout rather than tell them he plans on putting them on unemployment lines…

The irony of this dichotomy is lost on people like Steyer, much like Mike Bloomberg’s world travels to stop carbon emissions or Greenpeace’s list of favorite kayaking equipment all made from petrochemicals.   To add to that list of in-your-face aloofness, Tom Steyer will be at the Iowa State Fair to discuss his Impeachment campaign, or his views on Climate Change, or his donations to the 2018 election, or himself and his worldview.  And the very platform he will use is funded by… you guessed it.  The Fossil Fuel industry.  Some of the biggest sponsors of the Iowa State Fair are from the industry Tom Steyer wants to destroy.

Ironic, isn’t it?

Iowa State Fair Sponsors:

MidAmerican Energy Company Is A Grand Champion Sponsor (At Least $100,000)

Alliant Energy Is A Purple Ribbon Sponsor (Between $25,000 – $49,999)

Touchstone Energy Cooperatives Of Iowa Is A Blue Ribbon Sponsor (Between $15,000 – $24,999)