Small Businesses Brace for Impact: More Regulations from the Biden Administration

Small Businesses Brace for Impact: More Regulations from the Biden Administration

July 3, 2024

President Biden has launched another attack on states’ rights and small businesses as he bypassed Congress by handing down new regulations through a Department of Labor rule. This recent example of government overreach involves imposing environmental regulations on businesses which would dictate how they could operate during periods of “extreme heat”. The total scope of the penalties involved for businesses who do not comply will “increase significantly” according to a senior White House official.

AP News reports: 

“If finalized, the Biden administration’s rule would override state standards, and states with existing procedures to deal with heat would have to institute measures at least as stringent as the finalized federal rule.”

With small businesses already struggling due to high inflation caused by the Biden administration, the last thing they need is more needless climate regulations to put up with. 

“Joe Biden’s week is going so bad that he’s forcing down this new rule hoping to change the subject to this weak effort to raise costs on businesses,” said Daniel Turner, Founder and Executive Director for Power The Future. “Prices for everything are too high already and yet, Joe Biden feels the best response is to impose fees and regulations on small businesses. This is nothing more than the latest failed proposal from the Department of Please Change the Subject.”

These new proposed climate fees just add to the slew of other regulations and laws the Biden administration has passed including EV mandates, emission standards, and carbon taxes. All this comes while it was announced that the average cost for an Independence Day cookout will reach a record high in 2024.