Seattle City Council Wants Its Own “Green New Deal”

Seattle City Council Wants Its Own “Green New Deal”

June 26, 2019

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has a “Green New Deal.” So does New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Sen. Elizabeth Warren do too.

It seems every far-left politician under the Sun has their own “Green New Deal” even though estimates show the proposal would come with an astronomical price tag.

Now, Seattle is jumping in the political clown car.

FoxNews reports that this week, all nine members of the Seattle City Council “signed a letter in support of a ‘Green New Deal for Seattle.’” The measure is being backed by two far-left eco-groups: “Got Green and 350 Seattle.”

What they want is extreme and unaffordable.

First, the council called for a “climate emergency tax on big business.” They also want a “one-off climate emergency levy” and congestion pricing.

The Seattle eco policy seems to tax big business and stop low-income people from driving downtown. This is just an eco-twist on their regular tax-the-rich policy proposals.

The Seattle City council also wants the city attorney to “sue fossil fuel companies.” Apparently, the lawyers will solve the problem.

It gets even more ridiculous. The green groups backing Seattle’s “Green New Deal” also want the city to provide “free electric transit for all Seattle neighborhoods, tens of thousands of affordable housing units and a full transition from fossil fuel heating to electric heating for 160,000 homes in the city.”

They also want “filtered air spaces and cooling centers for the public” as well as “local, just and carbon-free food systems.”

How will Seattle afford this? No one knows.

Seattle’s city government is becoming increasingly divorced from economic reality. Hopefully the people of Seattle see through their city council’s extremism and set them straight.