Russia’s Energy Weapon

Russia’s Energy Weapon

April 28, 2022

This morning, Russia made a startling announcement. Vladimir Putin has stopped natural gas flow to Poland and Bulgaria. The reason the Russians gave for blocking the energy supply: the two countries were refusing to pay in the Russian currency, Rubles.

After the announcement, the Wall Street Journal reported that natural-gas prices in Europe rose by 3.1 percent to €106.42, the equivalent to $112.83, a megawatt-hour. This price jump comes after already leaping more than 20 percent on Wednesday, as traders weighed increasing risks to already-tight supplies.

The Journal writes: “Analysts at energy consulting firm Rystad said that ‘Russia has fired the first shot back at the West, wielding energy as a weapon.’”

President Biden’s energy policies have set the table for Putin by constricting America’s energy strength. Our founder Daniel Turner came to the same conclusion.

“Surrendering our energy independence doesn’t just lead to massive inflation and record gas prices, it also emboldens Russia to weaponize energy across the world. Our allies are working to build natural gas infrastructure abroad to protect their families while at the same time Joe Biden is using unelected bureaucrats to fight natural gas infrastructure and closing off our lands to production here at home. President Biden knows his pathetic policies are hurting families and he could bring relief by reversing his mistakes, but it’s clear one radical faction of his base will always come first.”

By taking away our energy independence, Biden has empowered our enemies. Russia halting gas to Poland and Bulgaria is just the start. America needs to unleash its energy might in order to fight back.