Road to Ambler Mining District Passes Major Hurdle…Then Gets Blasted by Eco-Extremists

Road to Ambler Mining District Passes Major Hurdle…Then Gets Blasted by Eco-Extremists

March 27, 2020

Power The Future was excited to see that the Bureau of Land Management published its final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on the Ambler Road, a 211-mile project that will connect Alaska’s Dalton Highway with the Ambler Mining District.  The District, once fully developed, could bring north of 4,000 year-round jobs to Northwest Alaska.

The Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority (AIDEA) has been tasked as the major developer for the road.  The connectivity from existing infrastructure to the mining district would allow minerals and rare earth deposits – all needed for US mineral independence, national security and creating jobs – to be brought to market in a safe and environmentally-responsible manner.

The eco-Left reacted to this EIS with venom normally found when discussing ANWR drilling or the Pebble Mine.  Overwhelming the call-in lines at AIDEA’s board meeting (held on-line on March 26-27) they howled with feelings-over-facts arguments based on fear around the COVID-19 pandemic and broken supply chains, rather than on the factual arguments around building a road.  They called AIDEA’s board “unconscionable” and “criminal”.

Andy Josephson, State Representative from Anchorage, lambasted the board during his two-minute comment period.  He noted AIDEA’s actions would likely lead to litigation, and that holding the public to a single two-minute period per-person was egregiously limiting the public process.

The facts are that the road would connect a section of Alaska that was designated a development area long ago. It would lead to jobs in a time that Alaska needs revenues and employment. It would bring America needed minerals and materials. 

Power The Future will continue to update this amazing opportunity with future blog posts, and encourage Alaskans to let your state and federal representatives know your support for the project.