REPORT: Wind And Solar “Completely Dependent” On Government Subsidies

REPORT: Wind And Solar “Completely Dependent” On Government Subsidies

August 16, 2019

Proponents of the “Green New Deal” like to tout that wind and solar can power America’s energy grid. After all, they want to abolish all fossil fuels and cease the development of new nuclear energy.

As you might expect, such a plan would be a disaster for consumers. A new report is also raising questions as to whether it makes any economic sense at all.

Axios explains that even as costs for wind and solar have fallen, forcing a 100% switch to wind and solar would bring us backward in terms of energy reliability. According to internal modeling from Wood Mackenzie, an energy research and consultancy firm, “a power grid run completely on renewable energy would greatly increase the risk of blackouts.”

That’s not even the worst of it. Not only will Americans be plagued by blackouts – it would also require immense government subsidies, paid for by you, the taxpayer. They would be “completely dependent” on government benefits.

“Not only are [renewables] causing intermittency issues, they can no longer recover costs in the power market,” said Robert Whaley, principal analyst of power and renewables at Wood Mackenzie. “At the point of 100% saturation, they’re completely dependent upon government policy or subsidy.”

Americans deserve stable energy, not rolling blackouts and government subsidies. Right now, that means natural gas, oil, coal and nuclear powered by America’s dedicated energy workers.