Re-Instating the “Roadless Rule” is Another Attack on Alaska by Lower-48 Eco Groups

Re-Instating the “Roadless Rule” is Another Attack on Alaska by Lower-48 Eco Groups

November 19, 2021

Rumors are running rampant that the Biden Administration will repeal the exemption to the Tongass National Forest “Roadless Rule” today.

Should that happen, it’ll be another direct assault on the majority of Alaska, and a win for the extreme environmental movement in the state.

Over the objection of Alaska’s entire Congressional delegation and Governor Mike Dunleavy, a lock-down of the Tongass via “Roadless Rule” reinstatement would stifle opportunities for continued access to the entire 17.4 million acres of the forest, which stretches nearly the entire length of Southeast Alaska.

Power The Future’s Alaska State Director, Rick Whitbeck, issued the following statement:

“Reinstating the “Roadless Rule” throughout the Tongass National Forest is a knee-jerk reaction by a federal administration hell-bent on destroying Alaska, one piece at a time.  

The Tongass is an area used for recreation, subsistence and education, as well as a place where eco-tourism, timber and mining jobs have all co-existed with abundant fish, foul and wildlife for decades. 

Restricting access to the Tongass through needless regulations will thwart future opportunities for all user groups and stifle activities that could help accelerate a return to American energy independence.”

Rational Americans should be outraged that the Biden Administration continues to kowtow to eco-extremists and their affiliated organizations, instead of listening to the voice of Alaskans who best know how to balance access and environmental stewardship of our lands.