PTF Energy Hypocrisy Madness Quarterfinals

PTF Energy Hypocrisy Madness Quarterfinals

March 30, 2023

The competition is heating up, we are on to the quarterfinals of the Energy Hypocrisy Madness. Throughout the day we will have our match-ups posted on the  Power The Future Twitter account. You can learn more about each match-up below.

Round 1: Bill Gates vs. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Round one is a fierce competition between Bill Gates and Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Will private jet-setter Bill Gates advance to the next round? Or will eco-left darling AOC knock him out? 

Bill Gates – Founder Bill Gates almost has enough hypocrisy to land on the list twice. Gates is widely known for his elitist private jet travel while lecturing the rest of us on the climate. However, when confronted with his hypocrisy, Gates inexplicably responded that it’s acceptable for him to fly in private jets because of all the money he spends on offsets and to fight climate change.

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – New York Congresswoman AOC is the darling of the environmental left, so much so they look past her hypocrisy. AOC famously declared the world only has 12 years to act on climate. Less than two months after those comments it was reviled she used ride-sharing services over 1,000 times despite the fact she’s close to the NYC subway. Of course, AOC’s urgency for the planet seems to also take a back seat to her Florida vacations.

Round 2: Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm vs. Rewiring America

Power The Future Hypocrisy Madness continues with Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm facing off against Rewiring America in the Elite Eight. Will hypocrite Jennifer Granholm make it to the next round, or will Rewiring America oust her like they tried to with our gas stoves?

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm – When she’s not laughing about domestic energy production, Secretary Granholm is openly admitting her hypocrisy. Secretary Granholm said that when it comes to transporting fuel, pipelines are the best option. Of course Secretary Granholm cheerfully supports the cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline because that’s what hypocrites do. All of this while she’s driven around in another gas-powered SUV. 

Rewiring America – This group is responsible for the banning of gas stoves fiasco at the beginning of the year. While their founders and donors rake in millions, they lecture hard-working Americans on what appliances they can or cannot use.

Round 3: Climate “Czar” John Kerry vs. California Governor Gavin Newsom

Up next for the Elite Eight of Power the Future’s Hypocrisy Madness, Climate “Czar” John Kerry faces California Governor Gavin Newsom. Will climate cultist Gavin Newsom beat climate czar John Kerry to advance to the final four energy hypocrites? 

Climate “Czar” John Kerry – This unelected and unconstitutional “climate czar” in the Biden White House did tremendous damage to America’s energy workers – and worst of all, he is accountable to no one. Kerry refused to give the public or Congress answers as to what authority he has and where funding for his staffs is coming from. The Boston Herald wrote, “John Kerry is being called out for his display of ‘cowardice’ for ducking questions.”

California Governor Gavin Newsom – Newsom is a well-known climate cultist, yet even he can’t live up to the hype. Nearly immediately after he demanded Californians buy only electric vehicles, he begged EV owners not to charge them in order to keep the grid stable. Governor Newsom didn’t mention the fragile grid is a result of his push down the unreliable “green road.”

Round 4: Gina McCarthy vs. COP27 Attendees

To round out our elite eight we have Gina McCarthy going head-to-head with the COP27 attendees. 

Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy – Another unelected and unconstitutional “climate czar” in the Biden White House. Gina McCarthy is apparently accountable… only to environmentalists. She held secretive meetings at the White House with several eco-groups to discuss the administration’s climate change efforts and the war on American fossil fuels.

COP27 Attendees – In November 2022, the United Nations once again selected an exclusive resort to host their annual conference on hypocrisy. Attendees flew in over 400 private jets to lecture on climate while demanding climate reparations from our tax dollars. Likely not discussed at the conference were the blackouts that struck host country Egypt.

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