Proposal to Save Jobs Exposes the Hypocrisy of the Eco-Left

Proposal to Save Jobs Exposes the Hypocrisy of the Eco-Left

July 11, 2019

Whenever there is an opportunity to save jobs there are usually any number of politicians and groups lining up to celebrate, as they should. However, in northwest New Mexico, the eco-left isn’t celebrating a proposal to save nearly 400 jobs, even though the opportunity comes with a 90 percent decrease in emissions.

That’s right, the eco-left won’t celebrate jobs even when it agrees with their agenda.

Currently, the San Juan Generating Station is slated to close in a few years since it is being abandoned by the state’s largest electric utility. Now a new company has come forth with a proposal that could not only keep the plant open and save jobs, but also bring it into compliance with controversial new regulations.

Save jobs? Check.

Dramatically decrease emissions? Check.

Support from the eco-left? Not so fast.

New Mexico’s eco-left is panning the proposal even before it gets off the ground. The reason is quite simple: if innovation produces solutions, the eco-left runs out of things to complain about. If there is nothing to cry about, their funding dries up and their political power shrinks.

That’s the real reason you won’t see the eco-left celebrate like everyone else. Their cause isn’t the environment, it’s themselves.