Proof of Russian Collusion

Proof of Russian Collusion

May 17, 2018

Interesting article in the Rockland County Times yesterday that highlight’s Russian efforts to meddle in American affairs. Sadly, this proof of collusion is not getting nearly the attention it should.

As America prepares to take over as the world’s number one oil producer, Russia with its undiversified economy is the real loser. Much of its international influence is negotiated through energy sales. Side note: that makes it even sadder and stupider when world leaders force their countries to become dependent on Russia’s energy. We’re looking at you, President Macron. It’s imperative for Russia to maintain its dominance in the international energy market.

It makes perfect sense for Russia to try to disrupt America’s energy industry by sowing the seeds of discord. It’s what they appear to have tried with the 2016 elections… creating chaos is a great strategy. (Spoiler Alert: Game of Thrones Analogy) Remember how Ramsay Bolton defeated Stannis Baratheon? Not in battle… in changing the conditions of victory. It works. It’s not a noble form of fighting… but it works.

We aren’t comparing Putin to Ramsay Bolton- surely the Russian premiere and former KGB agent is not nearly as kind.

Power The Future will dedicate significant resources to investigating Russian interference into America’s energy production, and we plan to publish all of our findings. There are green groups that receive significant funds from Russia. There are politicians who support Russian energy over American energy. At a time when the news cycle is 24/7 Russia, Power The Future will point out that Russian collusion is real, and it’s just as nefarious and unpatriotic as the media makes it out to be.

Only difference is who did the colluding… and why. Stay tuned.