President Trump: We Want to Keep New Mexico Energy Jobs

President Trump: We Want to Keep New Mexico Energy Jobs

April 13, 2020

New Mexico’s energy workers may be left behind by some of our state’s elected leaders, but they’re on the radar of President Trump.

During the worst employment situation in a generation, New Mexico’s Governor and Congressional Delegation are deafeningly quiet in voicing their support for our state’s energy workers. Thankfully, they’re not forgotten by President Trump.

During his Coronavirus Task Force press briefing on Friday, President Trump took the time to support energy workers in many states, including New Mexico:

We’re actually the largest producer in the world now, so we don’t want anything to hurt those jobs — those great jobs in Texas and North Dakota, in Oklahoma, and everywhere.  We have a tremendous energy — New Mexico — tremendous energy business.  And we want to keep those jobs.”

Before the Coronavirus hit, there were an estimated 100,000 New Mexicans employed by the energy industry. By some estimates, New Mexico’s unemployment rate is now at 17 percent.