Pre-Filed Bills Mostly Devoid of Anti-Resource Shenanigans

Pre-Filed Bills Mostly Devoid of Anti-Resource Shenanigans

January 10, 2023

With the exception of a bill that would exponentially increase liability for oil and gas companies doing business in the state, the first set of pre-filed legislation stayed away from attacking Alaska’s keystone economic drivers of oil, gas and mining.

That is welcome news, as previous years have seen bills pre-filed on everything from oil tax increases to water discharge requirements that would make it nearly impossible for development.

That’s not to say that the 60 legislators convening in Juneau for the first of their two years of service are all working to advance Alaska’s bright energy future.  A number of them were endorsed by eco-left environmental groups, and there is no doubt that a few of them espouse radical views when it comes to ending fossil fuel use and development in the Great Land.

Thankfully, those members are small in number; offset by the majority who understand that Alaska’s past, present and future are tied to the safe and responsible development of our God-given riches under the Earth’s crust.

We’ll continue to keep an eye on legislation that may affect the tens of thousands of Alaskans who help drive and power our state.