Rural America Needs an Advocate

Rural America Needs an Advocate

February 7, 2018

They are called “fly-over” states for a reason:  the cool kids in New York and Los Angeles only visit during campaign season and for college football rivalries.  Otherwise, it’s largely forgotten (except for manufactured goods, all our food, and of course, energy).

What would fascinate these coastal elites is that rural America loves rural America.  And sure, a visit to The Golden Gate Bridge or Times Square is fun, but these millions of people wouldn’t want to live anywhere other than their hometown USA.

So, why are the coastal elites trying to take away their jobs?

From their (energy sucking) headquarters in Washington, DC these outside groups are launching repeated campaigns in rural America to shut down energy production.  Coal mines are closing in Texas and New Mexico.  Land rights are under threat in Colorado, Louisiana and Ohio.  And rural parts of New York and California, energy-rich, have been stuck in cycles of poverty because of bad decisions made at the behest of these groups.

Power The Future wants to help.  We’re new, and our opposition is extremely well funded, with millions of dollars coming from…well, countries that are in the news a lot

But we want to help our fellow Americans in rural communities who are working in the energy industry.  Share your story and let us help.  Let’s fight for your jobs, your community and your way of life.