Out of State Protesters

Out of State Protesters

May 4, 2018

Power The Future was started to advocate for energy workers by exposing the fraud that is the green movement. We don’t- and never will- accept their false binary choice that you are either “green” or you “pollute”. We can have both a clean environment and an abundant prosperous life. In fact… we already do!

One of the myths about the green movement is that they are local. Sure, they may have some retired hippie who acts as spokesman or some naive college students as members… but their funding is overwhelming from a few extreme left radical groups and billionaire donors like Tom Steyer. Yesterday’s story in Louisiana is just further proof: 11 protesters were issued citations (why not arrested?) for trespassing into private property. All of them were from out of state.

Jeff Davis Parish understands the importance of energy jobs to their community. They know the benefits of a good-paying, stable job. They know the critical need for abundant and inexpensive energy. So they aren’t protesting… they are working.

Busing in protesters is not a new tactic. Some Presidential candidates have used it very effectively! But it’s not authentic, and doesn’t reflect the local community. Power The Future will always call them out. Stay tuned: these 11 phony (probably paid) protesters will come back and get arrested, and when they do we’ll post their mug shots for you to see.