On The Tenth Day Of Christmas My Country Gave To Me: Ten Plants A-Juicing

On The Tenth Day Of Christmas My Country Gave To Me: Ten Plants A-Juicing

December 23, 2018

After a whirlwind Black Friday where Americans took advantage of Christmas bargains, what were the biggest sellers at the nation’s biggest retailer? According to Amazon, three of the top five most purchased items require electricity. On Black Friday 2016, Target claimed they sold 3,200 TVs per minute.

America loves lights and lighting options. We love TVs and gaming consoles, tablets and smartphones, surround sound and sound machines, not to mention coffee makers, ice-cream makers, waffle makers and toaster ovens.

We love electricity.

And powering all of that convenience and comfort is an army of millions of energy workers fueling power plants.  Coal.  Nuclear.  Natural gas.  We need an electric grid that does not spike or dive, that will not fail in the extreme heat or cold, and that will continue to run in wind, rain, and snow.

But the energy industry is so much more than consumer goods.  There are cybersecurity professionals and law enforcement, hospitals full of beeping machines which keep patients alive during surgery and keep vulnerable babies growing. Fire stations get calls, scientists peer through microscopes, and geologists monitor the ever-moving earth.

We are alive, we are growing, we are prospering, and we are thriving because of heart, grit, ingenuity, entrepreneurship, courage… and abundant, inexpensive, reliable, domestic energy that powers the nation, powers the economy and powers the future.

Energy Dominance is not just not buying oil from the Russians.  Energy Dominance is not just trading American oil with our allies.  Energy Dominance is not compromising our way of life.  Here in America, the “poor” would actually be well-off in most of the world.  That’s not a reason to stop striving for greater economic success and prosperity. We can always do better!  And the electric grids powering online classes, sharing knowledge and information, connecting people to resources, and allowing people to open and run a business are exactly how we will achieve it.

Here’s to the power plant.  Here’s to prosperity.  And here’s to the energy workers that make America great.


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