Oil and Gas Company Trolls North Face

Oil and Gas Company Trolls North Face

June 11, 2021

The North Face has a history of pandering to the woke left. Earlier this year, the company denied an order of jackets from a Texas oil and gas company because they did not want their brand affiliated with the fossil fuel industry. The irony of this is, North Face relies on the fossil fuel industry to produce and distribute their products.

Chris Wright, the CEO of Liberty-Oilfield Services has started a campaign to showcase North Face’s hypocrisy, titled “Thank you, North Face.”

Wright discussed the campaign with Fox Business:

There’s “no chance that North Face could exist as a company or an organization without oil and gas,”

Fossil fuels are needed to make the petrochemicals that are used in the plastics, nylon, climbing ropes and more that North Face sells, Wright says. Oil and gas products fuel the factories that manufacture the goods. And fossil fuels are the backbone for shipping North Face products around the world. 

So when North Face apparently shunned the oil and gas industry by reportedly refusing to fulfill the jacket order for Texas-based Innovex, Wright said the move was the height of “crazy hypocrisy.”

The campaign features seven billboards that are placed around the Denver offices of the VF Corporations, the parent company of North Face. With one billboard stating “That North Face puffer looks great on you. And it was made from fossil fuels.”

“Thank you, North Face” is an excellent reminder of how versatile and prominent fossil fuel is in our lives. The majority of people do not understand that the oil and gas industry affects them in their everyday tasks and even clothing. And how taking it away would devastate the economy and business across the country.