NYC Mayor Wants Residents to Report Their Food Plans

NYC Mayor Wants Residents to Report Their Food Plans

May 31, 2023

New York has been known to have outrageous policies in the name of the environment. For example, just this year, the state passed a ban on gas stoves. Now New York City Mayor Eric Adams is asking businesses, non-profits and other institutions to disclose their current “food environment” so they can receive advice from the city on achieving “more healthy, delicious, plant-based meals.” 

Just the News reports, 

The “Plant-Powered Carbon Challenge” is listed under the Mayor’s Office of Food Policy (MOFP) website as a “voluntary challenge” to “private, institutional, and nonprofit” sector leaders, with the goal of getting them to “commit to decarbonizing food purchases 25%” by the year 2030.

MOFP partnered with nonprofits Greener By Default and Coolfood, two climate action groups committed to food “sustainability.” Both MOFP and the organizations will “provide educational resources” for those who wish to “measure the carbon footprint of [their] existing procurement practices, develop a plan for meeting the [25%] carbon reduction target,” and shift towards more “plant-based meals.”

Power The Future Founder and Executive Director Daniel Turner calls out Mayor Adams and urges him to focus more on the rampant crime in the city rather than unrealistic climate policies. 

“Rampant crime is sending New York City to hell in a handbasket, and Mayor Adams wants people to submit their meal plan for his approval. Besides the food, the most sickening part of this program is the copycats it will spawn from failed green politicians all over the country. New Yorkers should do the same thing they did with Mayor Bloomberg’s soda ban and throw it in the trash.”