New York Passes Ban on Gas Stoves

New York Passes Ban on Gas Stoves

May 4, 2023

Late Tuesday, the New York state legislature passed a bill prohibiting natural gas and other fossil fuel hookups in residential and commercial buildings. Governor Kathy Hochul (D-NY) is expected to sign the measure making the Empire State the first in the nation to ban the products.

The Wall Street Journal reports, 

“The measure aims to help the state meet targets for reducing greenhouse-gas emissions. It would prohibit other gas-powered appliances such as water heaters, furnaces and clothes dryers in new residential buildings, in addition to banning gas stoves in new homes… The measure would go into effect in 2026 for buildings seven stories and under and in 2029 for taller buildings.”

When this ban was proposed earlier in the year, New Yorkers made it known they did not support this. “In my home, that’s not wanted,’ one American told Fox Business in New York City on Wednesday. “Gas all the way.”

Clearly, Governor Hochul is not thinking about her constituents across New York but aiming to please the eco left. Power The Future Founder Daniel Turner discusses how the ban will affect rural areas. 

“This insane mandate is the latest example of how the green movement doesn’t give a damn about working families in rural America. New York’s electrical grid is teetering on the verge of collapse, but that doesn’t matter to these clueless politicians who always put their agenda before the people they are supposed to represent. If the electric utopia promised by Governor Hochul and others was truly what people wanted, they wouldn’t need to pass government mandates to make them a reality.”