New Mexico’s “Mini” Green New Deal Increasing Electric Bills

New Mexico’s “Mini” Green New Deal Increasing Electric Bills

January 12, 2021

Were supporters of New Mexico’s Energy Transition Act simply wrong? Or were they intentionally lying to us? Either way, electric bills are going up.

Xcel Energy, which serves over 114,000 New Mexico customers in the southeastern part of the state, has put in a proposal to raise electric rates by nearly $10 per month. That’s an extra $120 a year out of the pocket of working families just two years after the passage of the controversial law.

Since the ink was dry on the law, Power The Future has warned it would raise electric bills even though eco-left politicians said bills would actually go down.

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Apparently “substantial savings” means more money out our family budgets.

We now know supporters of the Energy Transition Act were wrong about the impact of their terrible law. The question now is: were they lying to us all along?