New Mexico Needs to Seek a Waiver from President Biden’s Devastating Energy Action

New Mexico Needs to Seek a Waiver from President Biden’s Devastating Energy Action

January 22, 2021

Power The Future is calling on New Mexico’s leaders to seek relief from President Biden’s newest attack on the state’s energy workers. On Thursday, the Interior Department issued a decision to block all new drilling operations on federal lands for the next 60 days. The action is fueling concern that it is simply the first step towards a permanent ban in the future. Since about half of New Mexico’s oil and gas production occurs on federal land, such a decision would be nothing short of devesting to New Mexico’s energy workers and the state’s economy.

If New Mexico’s leaders care about our jobs and our economy, they will immediately begin the process of seeking relief including securing a waiver from President Biden’s anti-energy agenda. This decision is going to destroy jobs and erode revenue needed for our schools, police and infrastructure. New Mexico’s leaders need to stand up for our working families and protect them from disastrous decisions coming out of Washington.

Last September, a spokeswoman for Governor Lujan Grisham said it was “premature” to discuss a waiver from a potential Biden federal ban. However, the order handed down on Thursday is a clear indicator it is time to discuss such actions.

A recent study highlighted the devastating impact such a ban would have on New Mexico including the loss of 62,000 by the end of next year. The ban would also jeopardize over $1 billion in state revenue thus increasing the possibility for massive tax increases.

According to one media report, the order to establish a permanent moratorium would require the signature of current New Mexico Congresswoman, and Biden pick to lead the Interior Department, Deb Haaland.