New Mexico Governor’s Two-Faced Promise Is Quietly Broken

New Mexico Governor’s Two-Faced Promise Is Quietly Broken

December 2, 2020

New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham is a typical eco-left hypocrite. For example, she’ll sign executive orders mandating vehicle milage standards while being shuttled around in a large SUV. However, nowhere is her hypocrisy more on display than when she advocates for killing energy jobs while still wildly spending the revenue that comes from the industry.

It was just over a year ago when Governor Lujan Grisham ran to the New York Times to tell them New Mexico would be the first state to offer free college to all students. How was she going to pay for it? Revenue generated by our energy workers, that’s how.

Fast forward just over a year later and her promise isn’t a reality. Of course, her radical environmentalist supporters want to pin all the blame on the pandemic causing energy prices to fall. We know that’s false because neighboring Texas is adding energy jobs while New Mexico has the fewest in over a decade…all during the same pandemic.

If the Governor wants to see who is responsible for her free college broken promise, she might want to find a mirror.

Almost exactly a year after her making her promise, the Governor told the U.S. Climate Alliance that we need to “transition away from fossil fuels.” An odd position when you consider, the oil and gas industry makes up around 40 percent of the entire state budget in New Mexico. On one hand, the Governor wanted to promise a massive spending program while working to kill the primary revenue source with the other.

It all begs the question: Did Governor Lujan Grisham ever plan to make good on her promise for free college, or did she just want to grab a few headlines?