MILESTONE: US Becomes Net Exporter of Oil For The First Time In Decades

MILESTONE: US Becomes Net Exporter of Oil For The First Time In Decades

December 10, 2018

The American energy boom, aided by the pro-energy policies of the Trump Administration, is making history. The Wall Street Journal reports that for the first time in decades, the United State has become a net exporter of oil and refined fuels, a milestone “that would have seemed unthinkable just 10 years ago.”

This milestone also “demonstrates that America is moving closer to achieving ‘energy independence’ as the shale revolution makes the country one of the world’s top producers.”

For decades, politicians talked about energy independence, but for too long some, like former President Barack Obama, stood in the way by opposing measures to lower energy costs and fighting the expansion of drilling.

Thankfully, American ingenuity and innovation carried the day. With new low-cost techniques and the effort of countless energy workers, we changed the international oil market and put America at its center. Now, instead of relying on oil from unpredictable regions of the globe, we compete with them – and win.

The energy boom is also happening beyond the oil industry. Last year, the U.S. became a net exporter of natural gas, proving that America’s energy industry is both diverse and thriving. With this dynamic duo of oil and gas, America’s energy workers can have high hopes for the future.