Letter To Land Commissioner-elect Stephanie Garcia Richard

Ms. Stephanie Garcia Richard
c/o Friends of Stephanie Garcia Richard
PO Box 4657
White Rock, NM 87547
December 19, 2018

Dear Land Commissioner-elect Stephanie Garcia Richard,

On behalf of my organization, Power The Future, I am writing to congratulate you on your electoral victory and express my optimism about the future of the energy industry in New Mexico. Your state is a national leader in energy which produces tremendous revenue and employs thousands of people.

Currently, tax revenue from the energy industry provides a substantial portion of New Mexico’s funding for a range of government services: education, healthcare, infrastructure, security, and more. Because of the industry’s success last year, New Mexico was able to give a raise to
teachers and police officers and help relieve the burdened court system.

This year New Mexico is expected to have an additional $1.2 billion in new money due to increased tax revenue. Furthermore, a new report released this month by the U.S. Geological Survey maps out a previously undiscovered trove of accessible energy reserves in the Delaware Basin. As the Albuquerque Journal explains, this is “the largest pool of oil and gas reserves ever announced by the USGS anywhere in the U.S.” Total reserves could even “be far larger than reported.”

This great news provides an unprecedented opportunity for the state with revenue expected to hit $7.5 billion in revenues by 2020, a major increase when compared to this year’s $6.3 billion budget. As New Mexico’s incoming Commissioner of Public Lands, you have the authority to ensure that these lands are open for business, and that thousands of New Mexicans are given new opportunities to work and support their families.

Power The Future is an advocacy group dedicated to the men and women of the energy industry who “power the future” through their hard work, sweat, determination and grit. We know how critical their labor is to the prosperity and success of our entire nation, and we look forward to working with you on a productive basis to ensure that New Mexico’s energy industry continues to thrive and benefit the citizens of the state whom you will serve in this new role.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you and your family.


Daniel Turner
Executive Director
Power The Future