Letter To Governor-Elect Jared Polis

January 03, 2019

Governor-Elect Jared Polis
Office of the Governor
136 State Capitol Bldg
Denver, CO 80203

Dear Governor-Elect Jared Polis:

On behalf of my organization, Power The Future, I am writing to express concerns that politically connected special interest organizations are attempting to circumvent the will of Colorado voters by pressuring your incoming administration to halt oil drilling permits.

The Denver Post reports that a “slew” of environmental groups have hired “a well-connected player in Colorado political circles” to lobby your administration to halt oil drilling permits for nine months.

While these groups have a right to express their opinion, it is important to note that the goals of these special interest groups stand in stark contrast to the will of Colorado voters, who rejected a proposal to severely limit fracking at the ballot box with 57% of the vote just weeks ago.

In recent years, Colorado has become an economic miracle and an example for the rest of the nation, in large part because of the state’s booming energy industry and resulting job growth. Colorado doubled its natural gas output since 2001, and it is now one of the top-five natural gas producing states in the nation. As Colorado’s next Governor, you have the ability to protect this economic boom and keep Colorado prosperous.

Power The Future is an advocacy group dedicated to the men and women of the energy industry who “power the future” through their hard work, sweat, determination and grit. We know how critical their labor is to the prosperity and success of our entire nation, and we look forward to working with you on a productive basis to ensure that Colorado’s energy industry continues to thrive and benefit the citizens of the state whom you will serve in this new role.


Daniel Turner
Executive Director
Power The Future