Leftists Embrace Extremity During CNN Climate Town Hall

Leftists Embrace Extremity During CNN Climate Town Hall

September 5, 2019

Yesterday, CNN held a marathon series of town halls to focus on the “climate crisis.” The townhall didn’t focus on the tough questions, but rather gave leading liberals a platform to pander to the environmental left.

In order to appeal to the eco-left, the candidates embraced extreme ideas that would undermine what makes this country great.

First, in a show that all she cares about is appeasing eco-extremists, Senator Elizabeth Warren came out against nuclear power. “In my administration, we won’t be building new nuclear plants,” Warren said. Remember, nuclear power is the only scalable form of zero-carbon power on the planet. Warren’s decision to oppose nuclear shows that she really doesn’t care about reducing carbon emissions at all. Rather, it’s about pandering to peace-symbol donning eco-extremists who oppose nuclear despite the modern safety of the technology.

Not to be outdone, Senator Kamala Harris decided that she would use the power of government to take away your straws and restrict your consumption of meat. When asked about banning plastic straws, Harris responded, “I think we should.” She also said that “government must do a better job” at encouraging people to reduce meat consumption. “Would you reduce red meat, specifically?” Harris was asked. “Yes, I would,” she responded.

No thanks, Kamala. Americans love their red meat.

But the eco-extremist who took the cake was Senator Bernie Sanders. In what’s being described as a “horrifying” argument, Sanders endorsed population control as a means of protecting the environment. When asked whether he would “curb population growth” as President, Sanders responded, “The answer’s yes.” Overpopulation is a debunked, ridiculous theory that has no place in public discourse.

Americans see through these far-left policies. That is why we are fighting for ideas that benefit energy workers and everyday Americans, not the leftist elites.