Jay Inslee’s Extreme Environmental Plan Puts a Bullseye on Working Families

Jay Inslee’s Extreme Environmental Plan Puts a Bullseye on Working Families

May 3, 2019

We’ve told you how Washington Governor Jay Inslee has repeatedly tried and failed to force his dangerous eco-agenda on the people of his state. He kept pushing carbon taxes on Washington, only to see voters rise up and defeat him.

Then, Inslee launched a longshot Presidential bid, based almost exclusively on extreme eco-policy. Inslee’s presidential launch video was exclusively about global warming, and Axios explained that his policies would be “climate-focused.”

Today, Inslee delivered on that promise, rolling out an environmental plan that’s making the “army” behind the “Green New Deal” swoon.

Inslee hopes to use the “federal government’s regulatory power” to destroy America’s energy industry. He wants to end the internal combustion engine. He wants 100 percent clean energy by 2030. He calls for a Green New Deal-style “mobilization.”

“All of America’s coal plants would be closed by 2030 under the plan,” reports the Washington Examiner.

That’s why it’s no surprise that the Sunrise Movement, the eco-group working with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to pass the Green New Deal is enthusiastic about Inslee’s plan. They call it the “bold climate action that young people are looking for.”

“These are concrete actions. They’re not ephemeral. These are not unicorns and rainbows,” said Inslee.

The average American family would pay exorbitant energy prices under his plan which would abolish cheap energy sources. Hundreds of thousands of energy workers could be thrust out of the workforce. Rural towns would collapse even further into economic depression.

And does Inslee even operate his presidential campaign based on his own rhetoric? Nope.

As a recent Power The Future investigation found, Inslee isn’t buying carbon credits or running his campaign offices from windmills. He’s not practicing what he preaches.

You can learn more about Inslee and the other 2020 candidates here.