It’s True: Eco-Extremist Tom Steyer Announces Presidential Bid

It’s True: Eco-Extremist Tom Steyer Announces Presidential Bid

July 9, 2019

“It’s true,” exclaimed eco-extremist and billionaire Tom Steyer on Twitter, “I’m running for President.”

It’s the Presidential campaign announcement no one wanted.

Power The Future has worked hard to show the hypocrisy of Tom Steyer and the dangerous eco-policies that he wants to force on America. The billionaire has committed his fortune to failed eco-ballot initiatives in states like Washington and Arizona. Through NextGen America, one of his political groups, Steyer worked to pass costly renewable energy mandates and carbon taxes which voters handily rejected.

In May, Power The Future delved into NextGen America and exposed them as a Steyer front group intended to push his extreme eco-worldview. You can read our examination of the group here.

In January, Steyer declared that he would forgo a 2020 bid for President. Other candidates had taken up the eco-mantle. Nearly the entire Democratic field endorsed the “Green New Deal.” Elizabeth Warren pledged to go even farther than Ocasio-Cortez’ extreme plan, and one candidate, Washington Governor Jay Inslee, devoted his entire campaign to a dangerous environmental agenda.

But for Tom Steyer, this isn’t enough. It seems he feels that the field doesn’t have enough candidates vying to implement extreme environmental policies.

Case in point: Steyer’s campaign launch video includes an attack on “big oil.”

What many don’t know, though, is that Steyer made much of his fortune from fossil fuels. While he was running Farallon Capital, Steyer “poured hundreds of millions of dollars into the coal industry across Asia,” boosting coal production by tens of millions of tons per year.

Since then, though, Steyer has destroyed countless jobs across America. We have catalogued the devastating effects of Steyer’s policies here.

Hypocrisy and an extreme eco-agenda – that’s what Tom Steyer is promising.