Instead of Unleashing American Energy, Biden May Ease Sanctions on Ruthless Dictator

Instead of Unleashing American Energy, Biden May Ease Sanctions on Ruthless Dictator

October 7, 2022

The Biden administration is rumored to be considering easing sanctions on Venezuela and its dictator, so they can pump more oil to help make up for the cut from OPEC. Bear in mind that the Biden administration has shown no interest in easing its war on America’s energy producers. 

The Wall Street Journal editorial board writes, “The Journal reports that the U.S. is ‘preparing to scale down sanctions’ on Venezuela’s nasty regime so Chevron Corp. can resume pumping oil. The move is contingent on the Maduro government entering good faith talks with the political opposition, which is an oxymoron.” 

Biden making nice with ruthless world leaders instead of unleashing American energy is well established pattern.

The Journal continues, “The Venezuela gambit is part of the Biden Administration’s rolling dictator tour to encourage more oil supply anywhere except in America. President Biden tried courting the Saudis, but this week they and OPEC+ chose to reduce production by two million barrels of oil a day. The Iran nuclear talks are supposed to liberate Tehran’s oil production, but the mullahs won’t take yes for an answer and are holding out for more U.S. concessions. That leaves Venezuela, whose production and sales have fallen off a cliff thanks to its own socialist mismanagement and the sanctions imposed by the Trump Administration. Lifting sanctions now on the mere hope of political concessions in Caracas would reward the regime for impoverishing its people and creating a refugee crisis in the region.” 

Biden’s White House has done everything in its power to stop oil and gas production in the United States but is doing everything in its power to get oil from dictators and their regimes who are guilty of human rights abuses.