If We Had $30 Million of Steyer Money…

If We Had $30 Million of Steyer Money…

May 7, 2018

Today, Power The Future is launching a new web video spoofing Tom Steyer’s $30million “Need to Impeach” (i.e. “Steyer For President 2020”) campaign. Check it out here, as first written up by the Washington Examiner:

Using digital geotargeting, we will welcome Tom on his tour of the early primary and caucus states, including a visit to Iowa this week, with this video. We plan on welcoming him with our own message cut from the very script and imagery of his. If you’ve been watching cable news the last few months, the ad will likely look familiar.

All kidding aside, the unfortunate consequences of Steyer’s policies are real, and they are devastating.

If Tom Steyer really wanted to talk to regular Americans, he shouldn’t have invitation-only, closed press jaunts in carefully selected venues throughout politically important counties. He should go to Greene County, Pennsylvania. Or Boone County, West Virginia. Or Belmont County, Ohio. But Tom will never go to those places, because liberal elites like him don’t visit places where their opinions are unpopular and the population can’t write fat campaign checks.

If Power The Future had $30 million of Tom Steyer’s wealth (which he made investing in American energy companies…) we could do a ton more to hold this hypocrite accountable, and to protect energy workers in rural America. And that first fight is with the truth of Tom Steyer’s intentions: political, partisan, self-indulgent, messianic, dangerous. Check out this video, and share your comments with our Executive Director: daniel@powerthefuture.us