Hypocrisy at its Finest: London Mayor Implements “Climate Clock”

Hypocrisy at its Finest: London Mayor Implements “Climate Clock”

July 7, 2023

London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan has just revealed a new “climate clock,” which is now looming over Londoners in an attempt to guilt-trip them into adopting a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. What many do not realize though, is that Mayor Khan’s lifestyle does not even come close to the high standards that he is holding London’s residents to. The Climate Clock states that we have just over six years before a climate emergency threatens the existence of humanity, which many critics are calling serious hyperbole. 

Fox News included several tweets calling out Khan in a recent article: “What a load of nonsense. There is no climate emergency.” British politician David Kurten tweeted. “‘Leave Us Alone,’ Canadian conservative author and podcast host Jordan Peterson posted.”

Fox News also cited the serious hypocrisy that Khan’s climate agenda exuberates: “Khan, one of the most prominent supporters of the climate change movement, has been criticized in the past over his reluctance to condemn private jet usage in London, as well as the air travel miles he has racked up since taking office while warning about climate change. ‘Hasn’t he heard of Zoom?’ Khan’s critics tweeted in October when the liberal mayor flew 7,000 miles across the globe from the United Kingdom to Argentina to speak at a climate change summit.”

It is a shame seeing a similar eco-left-appeasing agenda being implemented across the pond, but are we really surprised? Clearly, the eco-left agenda is riddled with displays of hypocrisy, especially by those in a position of power. Once again, we are seeing an attempt by the left to guilt society into conforming to their radical agenda, even though they themselves do not adhere to the lifestyle they advertise.