How Will Alaska “Go Green” if Eco-Extremists Keep Filing Injunctions on “Green” Energy Projects?

How Will Alaska “Go Green” if Eco-Extremists Keep Filing Injunctions on “Green” Energy Projects?

June 21, 2021

With President Biden’s move into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue came a new push to move America “green”.  The idea is to move the electrical grid from one dominated by traditional energy sources, to one driven by wind, tidal and solar solutions. 

It is obvious the Administration has not thought this transition very well, as to do so correctly would lead to a huge increase in domestic mining and tens of new jobs in component manufacturing for the solar panels, wind and tidal turbines and the electronics to run everything.  Instead, Biden and his eco-Left-centric leadership team have bypassed the route that would lead to US economic prosperity, and instead announced that we’ll be importing the critical minerals, rare earth elements, copper, lithim and colbalt needed to lead the “green” revolution.

Never to be outdone, and always thinking of themselves as ahead of the curve, Alaskan eco-groups have drawn clear battle lines against “green” energy projects over the past dozen or so years.  One of the first skirmishes erupted over the Susitna-Watana dam, a massive hydroelectric project capable of delivering “green” energy to half of Southcentral Alaska’s residents.  The extremists at Cook Inletkeeper passed a resolution against that project because it might harm fish runs up the Susitna River. 

The eco-Left has fought the Pebble Mine, with its world-class copper deposit able to fulfill a large percentage of the massively increased needs for copper for batteries and “green” energy electrical components.  It also has fought hydro projects in Southeast Alaska, due to the need to dam rivers that the environmental community would rather see fish flow through unimpeded.

But the most recent example might be the most egregious – and at the same time – humorous.  This past week, it was announced that a tidal project proposed in Cook Inlet had a motion to intervene filed against it by the radical environmental group Center for Biological Diversity.

So, let’s cut to the chase: If the eco-Left really cared about “going green”, it would stop with the shenanigans and the whole ‘wildlife-above-human-life’ narrative, and allow these projects to move forward.  Continuing to obstruct them halts progress toward their “green” agenda and proves what a bunch of hypocrites they are.