History Repeats Itself

History Repeats Itself

July 25, 2022

Some Americans may feel as though they are living in the 1970s again. Inflation is skyrocketing, trust in the government is low, and we are headed towards a major energy crisis. Unfortunately, President Biden is not learning from President Carter’s mistakes. He is repeating them. 

Power the Future has released a new video highlighting how eerily similar Biden and Carter’s energy policies are. The video examines footage of President Carter’s speech to the nation on April 18, 1977, compared with various clips of Biden striking nearly identical tones throughout his campaign and presidency.

PTF Founder and Executive Director Daniel Turner comments on the striking similarity between the two presidents. 

“A half century may have passed between the Carter and Biden administrations, but their policy ideas have not changed and neither have the outcomes… Unfortunately, history is repeating itself, and the biggest losers are the wallets of middle-class Americans. Energy touches every facet of our economy, and Biden’s relentless war on the industry and its workers has driven inflation to levels not seen since the Carter years. Let’s hope for the health of our economy and future that Biden’s presidency follows Carter’s in another way: one term and done.”