Here We Go Again: North Face the Latest to Fall for an Anti-Alaska Narrative

Here We Go Again:  North Face the Latest to Fall for an Anti-Alaska Narrative

July 17, 2019

First, there was REI, then Patagonia.  They were followed by Cabela’s, Bass Pro and Orvis.

These are just some of the companies who have decided that politicians should hurt Alaska’s future by stopping drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) or mining in southwest Alaska.

As of Tuesday, you can add The North Face to the list.

In an article announcing its 2019 advocacy campaign, The North Face noted that it hopes to engage 13-17 year olds in signing their names to letters.  It states:

“The (Trump) Administration is mobilizing to hold oil and gas lease sales by the end of this year, before the true impacts of Arctic Refuge drilling can be understood. This is a significant human rights issue that deserves the attention of young Americans,” the campaign’s website states. “By signing this letter, you are telling Congress you don’t support development in the Arctic Refuge. We’ll also let the administration know you disapprove, and will share your opposition with the oil and gas corporations that want to drill for Arctic Refuge oil.”

The North Face’s actions fly in the face of responsible activity for a couple of reasons.

First, engaging 13 to 17 year olds in environmental activities is something that the child’s parents – if anyone – should be teaching.  It is well-known that schools and even non-mainstream churches are indoctrinating youth with anti-development, environmentally-extreme positions, so layering in corporations isn’t shocking, just despicable.

Second, these non-voters’ positions on anything will be laughable to most members of Congress.

Last, it isn’t the Congress or the President who will be hurt by these actions in the end.  It will be Alaskans, who deserve a better economic future than having its resource-based economy stymied by Outside organizations with little-to-no understanding of daily life in the Last Frontier.

Power The Future will continue to expose those companies who wish to hurt Alaska’s economy. We do not have to choose between a healthy environment and a strong economy: we can have both.

Alaskans should think twice the next time they’re shopping for a jacket.  Throwing money down at The North Face’s store or website will only help feed its anti-Alaskan activities in the future.  Alaska deserves better.