Here Come The Protesters

Here Come The Protesters

January 10, 2019

A recent AP story says that Butte, South Dakota is preparing for some upcoming protests around the construction of the Keystone Pipeline by securing jail cells.  If we dive into this seemingly innocuous and sober story, we can see a few details which pretty much sum up green protesters:

1- Green protesters are phony.  They are organized, not organic.  Butte County is only 10,000 people, and the jobs created by constructing the pipeline benefit the county.  So, odds are, these are not local protesters.  Where do they come from?  How are they getting there?  Who’s paying for them?  How did they sign up?

2- Green protesters are dangerous.  Jail cells?  Every year there are enormous protests all around the nation: right to life march, women’s march, some strange “science” march… does the local police prepare for these hundreds of thousands of people by securing jail cells?  What does the Butte County police know about green protesters?  Did some chatter tip them off about pending violence?

3- Green protesters need attention. Butte averages temperatures in the mid-20’s to the mid-30’s during the winter.  They had all spring and summer to bang drums, smoke weed and play hacky sack in the field.  Why a winter protest?  Why is this being organized at the worst possible time?

A fourth conclusion we can draw:

4- The Press need to ask more questions.  We didn’t ask for names or receipts.  We asked the basic 5 W’s of journalism.  So why didn’t the AP?  Lack of interest? Indifference?  Who knows… but one thing is certain, poor Butte County is about to have some unwelcome guests who will seek violence, and probably leave a lot of trash.