Green New Deal Redo: Bernie And AOC Team Up

Green New Deal Redo: Bernie And AOC Team Up

July 10, 2019

After Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez botched the rollout of the “Green New Deal,” which has now become a punchline for everything wrong with eco-socialism, it seems she’s vying for a redo.

Yesterday, Ocasio-Cortez joined Oregon Democratic Rep Earl Blumenauer and Senator Bernie Sanders to announce they plan to introduce a joint “climate emergency declaration.” Their hope is to encourage Congress to pass the “emergency resolution” to declare a crisis.

“There is a climate emergency which demands a massive-scale mobilization to halt, reverse, and address its consequences and causes,” they wrote.

“In order for us to enact the scales of solution, we have to acknowledge the scale of the problem,” said Ocasio-Cortez “And that’s exactly what declaring a climate emergency does.”

With Ocasio-Cortez already having rolled out her “Green New Deal,” why would she even want to pass a symbolic resolution that does nothing to change policy?

It’s probably because she so royally botched the GND rollout that her eco-agenda has become a joke across the country. The Senate already took up the “Green New Deal,” only for it to not receive a single vote, even from the left.

Perhaps Ocasio-Cortez and Sanders think we’ll just forget about their true aims to socialize the country under the guise of environmentalism with resolutions like this. When there is an “emergency” declared, the left can attempt to justify circumventing the Constitution and the will of the American people.

Unfortunately for them, people are not forgetting the disaster of the “Green New Deal” anytime soon.