Go Get Arrested In San Francisco

Go Get Arrested In San Francisco

September 19, 2018

The Sierra Club is a political organization that uses environmental issues to advance their agenda.  And their agenda is not America’s agenda.  As we pursue “energy dominance” and continue to expand the workforce, end the war on coal, and see record revenues from oil and gas production, the Sierra Club is paying lip service to their “mission” and focusing on electing candidates to office.

We’ve talked a lot about the Sierra Club’s millions in funding from the Sea Change Foundation, a secret piggy bank that funnels money from Russian energy oligarchs who seek to disrupt the American energy industry.  (That’s not the only way Putin’s Russia continues to peddle influence in this market: they use social media to shape opinions about green issues, climate change and environmental protests.) It’s not surprising this sham organization pushes a domestic agenda that helps other countries.  Russia, China, Iran, and Venezuela all have no desire to see America become the world’s largest oil producer.  Spoiler alert: we already are.

It’s odd, insulting, and frustrating that the Sierra Club would publish this self-aggrandizing op-ed about “civil disobedience” to protest a pipeline. It’s feel-good fluff, and as Shakespeare said, full of sound and fury signifying nothing.  Pipelines are GREEN.  Pipelines mean jobs, mean tax revenue, mean stable energy grids and reliable energy despite the seasons.  Are they foolproof and perfect? No.  Nothing is.  Nothing.

Meanwhile, last week at Jerry Brown’s joke summit, hundreds of speakers and activists gathered in San Francisco, and where was Sierra Club’s protest?  Where was the mandate that no one use a private jet, not Mike Bloomberg, not Harrison Ford?  Where was the suggestion that speakers from India and China and Brussels Skype in rather than travel?  Where was the call for shared hotels, sustainable food, tap water?  Sierra Club didn’t protest, they participated.

The aforementioned op-ed is comical.  Bussing protesters here and there is their typical operation, but why not ask the people who live in the rural areas, whose jobs are at stake, how they feel about energy production?  And rather than drive and take a plane to a protest zone to garner press and fake accolades, try living under the rules you seek to impose on others.

No one in America wants Sierra Club’s green tyranny, which is why Russia needs to fund it.