Freezing Temperatures in Texas Cause Power Shortages and Questions on Global Warming

Freezing Temperatures in Texas Cause Power Shortages and Questions on Global Warming

February 16, 2021

Two weeks ago, The Weather Channel’s national forecast stated, “February’s forecast shows far-above-average temperatures are possible across most of the Northeast, as well as the Southern Plains. Above-average temperatures are also expected in parts of the Midwest, Southeast and Southwest.”

The eco-left has been claiming global warming is an immediate, existential threat and use the science behind it as their driving force. Well, the science is clearly wrong. The freezing weather in Texas led to a chain of events that left almost 4 million homes and businesses without power across Texas on Tuesday. Another 400,000 were down in states stretching from Louisiana to Ohio and Virginia, and almost 250,000 were without power in Oregon.

Bloomberg Quint reports:

Extreme weather events are happening more frequently, a shift that’s attributed to the changing climate. In response, electrifying sectors like transport and heating to use green power is seen as vital to eliminating harmful emissions, but the world’s grid infrastructure may not be ready.

As electricity demand rises and grids rely more on wind and solar power, where supply oscillates with the weather, networks will have to increase access to back-up generation. In Texas, where both wind and gas-fired generation was hit by the cold snap, there wasn’t enough reserve power to keep the lights on.

Wind power generators were among the victims of the cold weather, with turbine blades rendered inoperable due to ice — a phenomenon that reduces efficiency and can ultimately stop them from spinning. Texas estimated that more than half of its wind power capacity had come offline.

Environmental advocates pointed to global warming as the issue for blackouts this summer that left residents without power. Ignoring the unreliability of renewable energy, states like California forced it onto residents, leaving them without power in times of need.

President Biden and his eco-left cronies keep forcing more expensive, less reliable renewable energy onto the American people in the name of climate change. Yet, freezing temperatures in the South of the country have shown severe issues with dependence on renewable energy, and the need for fast forms of power generation.