Follow the Money! Alaska Congressional Candidate Fetches Deb Haaland Donations

Follow the Money! Alaska Congressional Candidate Fetches Deb Haaland Donations

July 20, 2022

As Alaska enters the final stretch of the race for a four-month seat in Congress, the final three candidates are busy crisscrossing the state.  Their campaigns are meeting with Alaskans from all regions, jockeying for votes that not only will send them to Washington, D.C. for the fall, but could position them as the frontrunner for the November election of a full-term Congressional responsibility.

Every campaign will tell you that the fundraising portion of their day-to-day activities is the worst.  Asking regular-Joe Alaskans for money is tough; especially so under record inflation, an unstable economy and when most Alaskans are being bombarded by numerous campaigns for funding.

Therefore, it is a bonus for a campaign when money comes in from outside of Alaska.  Family, friends and business colleagues might throw a few dollars the campaign’s way, and every bit of that helps spread the candidate’s message in Alaska.

But, it is worth taking note when you see a campaign donation from a person whose policies and actions have hurt Alaska time and again.

Interior Secretary Deb Haaland donated twice to the Mary Peltola campaign in the past three months.  While the total dollar amount ($300) isn’t staggering, the fact that Haaland has ‘picked a winner’ in the race to replace Don Young is notable.  Haaland’s department has done its best to cripple Alaska’s resource development efforts. 

Donating to Peltola makes it clear that she believes Mary will be more supportive of her stated efforts to help President Biden lock up more public lands, restrict fossil fuel development and force a transition to renewables; none of which will help Alaska’s revenue streams, employment or future.