Five Reasons Tom Steyer Had a Bad News Weekend

Five Reasons Tom Steyer Had a Bad News Weekend

May 30, 2018

After spending $40 million on a national campaign to impeach President Trump (plus millions more in PAC and political endorsements), Tom Steyer is increasingly becoming a household name in terms of national politics. This is all part of his 2020 Presidential Campaign, from the TV ads to the Town Halls.

Side note: we pointed out the irony that his Town Halls lack the very transparency he demands of others. You can read that here.

Here are five media pieces he wishes didn’t get published. Power The Future will always call out Tom Steyer; the American people need to know how much damage he has done to energy workers across the nation.


Five Bad Pieces Of Press Tom Steyer Hopes You Missed This Weekend

1. New York Magazine: His impeachment talk is not working (Gabriel Debenedetti, “Mega-Donor Tom Steyer Is Forcing Democrats To Talk Impeachment. Is It A Losing Strategy?” New York Magazine, 5/25/18)

2. David Axelrod Calling Steyer’s Impeachment Campaign “A Vanity Project.” (Richard North Patterson, Op-Ed, “Who Is Tom Steyer, And Why Is He Saying Those Stupid Things About Impeachment?” The Boston Globe, 5/28/18

3. Steyer compares his impeachment stunt to the Nuremburg Trials (Lloyd Grove, “Billionaire Tom Steyer Wants To Impeach Trump – Then Maybe Succeed Him,” Daily Beast, 5/29/18)

4. And he compares it to… The Civil Rights Movement (Avery Anapol, “Tom Steyer Compares Impeaching Trump To Civil Rights Movement,” The Hill, 5/28/18)

5. An Op-Ed In The Detroit News Contrasts Steyer’s Elitism with the Lives Of Working People (Timothy Benson, “Opinion: California Billionaire Wants To Raise Michigan’s Electricity Bills,” The Detroit News, 5/28/18)