Fighting for Sandoval County Energy Workers

Fighting for Sandoval County Energy Workers

June 16, 2018

We started Power The Future to advocate for energy workers. Too often, when radical environmental groups engage in a fight and “win”, these hard working Americans lose their jobs. Our site Steyerville documents the consequences of green activism. Entire communities — thousands of families — are forced into unemployment and poverty, with small towns shuttered, tax revenues eliminated, opioid abuse increased. It’s tragic. It’s morally reprehensible. And it’s totally, totally avoidable.

This is why we are launching an effort in Sandoval County.

Sandoval is one of the economically strongest in New Mexico. It has higher levels of prosperity and wealth. Sandoval county students perform better than the average student in New Mexico. As a whole, the county is a model for the rest of the state. And a large part of this is because of an economy that allows for responsible, regulated exploration and production of energy. Sandoval County is energy rich, and the citizens of Sandoval are better of because of it.

The proposed ban on energy exploration (fracking in particular) follows the pattern we see across the nation: politically motivated green groups shouting hyperbolic and hypothetical doomsday scenarios. Fear mongering. A deliberate campaign to scare the citizens into thinking the worst possible thing will happen to them. And tremendous pressure on government officials.

We used New Mexico’s Public Records Inquiry law (IPRA) to ask for emails between Sandoval County Commissioners regarding this proposed regulation. We were disheartened by much of the findings: the commissioners are pretty much resigned to let the green activists win. You can read some of the emails here. Please note: we redacted personal information like email address, phone numbers, and last names to protect the privacy of citizens. We did not have to do this. We did this because we are committed to being a responsible voice in the public arena.

And part of being a responsible voice in the public arena is talking about the CONSEQUENCES of this proposed regulation. What will happen to energy workers and their jobs? What happens to the tax revenue generated by the energy industry? $47 million went to Sandoval County in 2017. Will the funding be the same without the energy industry? No. Not, at all. Do parents know this? Do the green groups talk about this? No. They never talk about consequences.

We have launched a public effort to raise awareness around this issue, and make sure the citizens of Sandoval know both sides. And we want to make the county officials know we are paying attention to their decision. And we will hold accountable any group, any person, any out of state geologist or paid activist, who threatens the jobs of energy works, Power The Future will speak on their behalf. We may not have Tom Steyer’s money, but we have truth on our side. And we will not back down.

We do not want Sandoval County to become the next victim of green activism. Eventually Tom Steyer’s money will stop funding their efforts, and the paid activists will stay home. What will remain is a Sandoval County less prosperous, less successful than it is today. Power The Future will work to prevent that from happening.