Environmental Hypocrisy Continues:  Eco-Left Bashes Projects That “Green Energy” Requires

Environmental Hypocrisy Continues:  Eco-Left Bashes Projects That “Green Energy” Requires

August 29, 2019

A proposed 200-mile road in Northwest Alaska continues to provide political and fundraising fodder for eco-extremists in Alaska and elsewhere.  The potential of an Alaska state agency underwriting the construction of a private, two-lane road to access the Ambler Mining District was outlined recently, with the National Parks Service last Friday releasing its long-anticipated draft environmental impact statement (DEIS), according to the Anchorage Daily News.

The road, which would connect Alaska’s Dalton Highway with an area known to contain world-class deposits of copper, gold and a number of rare-Earth materials, would allow for development of project sites, bringing hundreds of jobs and responsible extraction opportunities for decades.

Environmental groups, including the Wilderness Society, were quick to point out that the release of the DEIS was a political maneuver by the Trump administration, even though this particular part of the Gates of the Arctic National Refuge was specifically designated in 1980 as an area where “right-of-way access be permitted across NPS lands for this project.”

With the Ambler Mining District holding vast opportunities to extract materials that are necessary for – and in high demand, even bordering on scarce – creating the parts and pieces that drive “green energy”, you’d think the eco-Left would embrace responsible development that brings those materials to market.

Judging from current reactions, though, the hypocrisy continues to be strong.  Wildlife continues to be valued above jobs and human life.