Energy Delivers Big City Opportunities to New Mexico’s Small Towns

Energy Delivers Big City Opportunities to New Mexico’s Small Towns

July 9, 2019

When it happens in New York, San Francisco or even Albuquerque, there is no way the media would care. However, when New Mexico’s energy boom delivers a big franchise to a small town, it’s worthy of attention.

Making the news in Carlsbad is the chance a Dunkin’ Donuts franchise is looking to open a new store in town. Keep in mind, Carlsbad is a city of less than 30,000 people so the opportunity to land a large franchise gets attention. In fact, the city’s development director told the Carlsbad Current Argus there could be more opportunity ahead:

“I can confirm we do have a number of companies looking at our market. We’re getting a lot of attention. Which is a good thing,” Waters said. “There been a lot more interest in the community. It’s something we’re excited about.”

No doubt the reaction by the elitists on the eco-left would be contempt after hearing this news, and perhaps that is the point.

The energy industry funds jobs and opportunities that allow New Mexicans to live away from places like Santa Fe and stay closer to their homes and families. The fact large city chains are even looking to rural areas shows not only the buying power of economic success, but also proves New Mexicans can enjoy bigger opportunities in a smaller setting.

And opportunity has always been the enemy of the eco-left.