Elizabeth Warren Backs “Green New Deal” As She Announces Run For President

Elizabeth Warren Backs “Green New Deal” As She Announces Run For President

January 2, 2019

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren became the first Democrat to announce a 2020 presidential bid on New Year’s Eve.

Warren then wasted no time pivoting to the far-left, quickly championing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s radical “Green New Deal,” a socialist pipe dream that is quickly becoming a litmus test for 2020 Dems.

The “Green New Deal” is high on cost and low on details. It is supposedly an environmental platform that Ocasio-Cortez is demanding the Democratic party adopt, but in reality, it reads as a laundry list of socialist policies. The deal includes a Bernie Sanders-style universal healthcare system and a basic income scheme. It also calls for “decarbonizing” industries under the guise of “environmental justice and equality.”

Just one day after announcing her presidential run, an aide to Elizabeth Warren told Axios that she supports the idea of the “Green New Deal.” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez then thanked Warren on Twitter with a winky-face emoji.

Warren’s rapid embrace of the environmentalist movement is a dangerous moment in American politics because it adds further legitimacy to a “plan” that is more fantasy than substance. Ocasio-Cortez never tells us how she would pay for anything in her “Green New Deal,” and it seems Elizabeth Warren is just fine with that.

For the environmental left, this is the latest in a long list of unrealistic ideas that would destroy the economy.

Now that Warren has weighed in on the “Green New Deal,” other Democrats who are expected to announce presidential bids will have to weigh in as well. Incredibly, this pie in the sky proposal is becoming the new litmus test for 2020 Dems, even though there are few details on what the plan would do, how much it should cost and how we would pay for it.

Will they support reasonable, pro-worker energy policies, or will they toe the socialist line and give more legitimacy to the environmental radicals in Congress? Time will tell.